steveThanks for coming to my website. I’m Steve Whitehead, a firefighter paramedic for the South Metro Fire Rescue Authority.

My first EMT job was in San Jose California with a company called PacMed. In 1992 PacMed merged with several local services and adopted the name AMR. That same year I became a paramedic and moved on.

Since that time I have been a paramedic field instructor, an EMS supervisor, a firefighter and an instructor of EMTs at all levels. I’m currently an instructor with South Metro’s EMT program. It was my experiences teaching and tutoring the South Metro EMT students that inspired me to create The EMT Spot.

Another point of inspiration has been my experiences as a freelance author. I have been writing for EMS journals for over five years now and have found the experience both rewarding and challenging. I’ve had the good fortune to see my articles on the cover of EMS Magazine, Advanced Rescue Technology and JEMS. Nothing has helped me hone my own EMT knowledge and skills quite like writing about the subject for a larger audience. In that respect, The EMT Spot is as much a commitment to my own ongoing development as it is to yours.

I write The EMT Spot from my home in Parker Colorado where I live with my wife of 11 years and our two grade school age children. My family and I are active members of Southeast Christian Church here in Parker and I am involved in outreach missions to Panama. Our family enjoys wilderness hikes, skiing, SCUBA diving and daddy’s famous pancakes.

Thanks for being a part of my website. Come back soon.