Now a days urinary infection have become quite common. Some of the reasons can be changing lifestyles, improper hygiene etc. that can constitute this health problem. This infection spreads in the entire gall bladder, kidneys as well as urinary tubes connecting the gall bladder to the kidneys.

Though this health issue is seen in both men and women but happens more in females as compared to males. There are various types of urinary infections; one of them is cloudy urine. In this article we will be discussing about five effective home remedies to treat it easily.

Home Remedies To Treat Cloudy Urine

1. Water

8 to 10 glasses of water every day is very important for proper functioning of body. Dehydration is one of the cause which leads to this urinary infection. Sufficient amount of water lessens the concentration of harmful bacteria in the region between the bladder and the urinary tract and also eliminates these bacteria deposition by way of urine.

2. Baking Soda

It is considered to be useful for proper treatment of urinary tract infection. Drinking diluted baking soda in water helps in giving relief from the difficult symptoms of this infection.Baking soda acts as a neutralizer that neutralizes the acid levels in the urine and assists inits quick recovery.

3. Cranberry Juice

Drinking Cranberry juice twice daily helps in preventing this infection. This juice is one of best home remedies to prevent mal functioning of kidneys which is caused due to this infection. Cranberries has a special element that is called proantho cyanid which restricts the build-up of bacteria throughout the UT as well as urethra. This juice also has remarkable antibiotic properties which work to destroy bacterial infection efficiently and stop its further growth so that they do not appear again.

4. Parsley

Parsley is considered very effective in combating cloudy urine. It has got anti- inflammatory qualities and a useful enzyme called Bromelain which lessens the painful symptoms of this urinary tract infection. Unsweetened and fresh Parsley juice 2-3 times daily is advisable for efficient treatment of this cloudy urine.

5. Ginger

Gingers have been known for its anti-bacterial benefits and good source of antioxidants. Due to these properties it helps in fighting the bacteria that is responsible for causing this infection. Consume raw and fresh ginger which is rich in dietary fiber. It helps in providing relieve during infection.

These are very easy home remedies that do not take much effort and are absolutely free from any side effects. So follow these beneficial tips to save yourself from the irritating symptoms of cloudy urine.