If we want to do well in life and improve our performance in studies and work, we need to increase the power of brain. Intelligent people with good brain power excel in life everywhere. We can improve our intelligence by keeping the mind and brain healthy. It is possible to improve the brain power. We will share with you some tips for sharpening the brain.

How To Improve Brain Power?

The top 10 tips for improving brain power are as follows.

1. Reading

You can improve your brain power by reading. The brain cells become very weak due to pressures and stress of daily life. Reading cures this problem as it helps you in becoming free of tensions. It forces you to use the power of imagination and make a picture of things in the mind. This improves the brain power.

2. Music

Music is a great tonic for brain. People who listen to classical music are very brainy and smart. You can improve your cognitive function by playing music in the background when you do exercises. It improves the mental focus and verbal fluency.

3. Improving Memory

Improving memory is important for good brain function. Try to learn by heart common things of daily life like phone numbers. You should also try to learn passport and credit card numbers. Memory enhancing techniques help in improving the brain power.

4. Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation helps in improving the brain power. Some activities help in making the mind and brain healthy and sharp. Playing cards, chess and scrabble is good for brain. You should solve crosswords and Sudoku puzzles. Learn to draw and paint. Travelling and visiting museums are very good activities. Try playing musical instruments. Do mathematical calculations manually instead of using a calculator.

5. Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is very good for the brain. It helps in increasing blood circulation in the brain. The brain functions better if there is high oxygen in it. You should practice deep breathing for ten minutes everyday. It will increase the brain power and improve your life.

6. Proper Sleep

If you want to make the brain sharp and powerful, you should get proper sleep. Many students and professionals wake up the whole night before an exam. They think that they will do well this way. The fact is that being awake will not help you. The performance in studies and work becomes better by getting good sleep. It helps the brain in organizing information well.

7. Healthy Diet

Take a healthy diet consisting of antioxidant rich foods. Antioxidants are the nutrients that protect the brain from any type of damage and disease. The best foods that contain antioxidants are apples, cherry, berries, red kidney bean, grapes and dark chocolate. Green leafy vegetables are also good for brain. You should eat cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower. All these foods help in boosting power of brain.

8. Omega 3 Fats

Omega 3 fats are the nutrients that help in improving the brain power. You should eat foods that contain this nutrient. Fatty fish like salmon and sardines are the best sources of omega 3 fats. The plant sources of this nutrient are walnut, flaxseed and soybeans. Include all these foods in your diet.

9. Regular Exercise

Regular exercise helps in improving brain power. You should do exercise for thirty minutes daily. Aerobic exercises are very good for health. Increase your physical activities and move the body. It will improve the cognitive function. Strength training and lifting weights also helps in improving brain function.

10. Avoid Stress

Stress is the main cause of many of our health problems. Leading a stressed life can affect your brain very badly. Being in a stressful state leads to production of high amounts of cortisol hormone. This hormone damages the brain. The brain becomes weak due to this. Therefore, you should avoid stress. Learn methods of stress management and stay away from stress.