Eczema is described as a non-contagious skin disease and characterized by the dry itchy skin in the human body. This disease begins from the childhood and as per research it has been found like allergies, asthma and hay fever it is also a genetic disease. The Eczema easily spreads upon the skin due to factors like emotional stress, outer heat, sweating and even the allergens.

As a result, it develops inflammation producing cells which easily come out on the skin surface by releasing a chemical and making the skin red and thick. These are mostly found in the joints of arms, legs and sometime over the trunks. Due to severe burning sensation it creates itching effect and by means of excessive itching it also causes bleeding and infections.

There are lots of home remedies are available to cure this disease and they are described as below.

Natural Ways To Treat Eczema

1. Coconut Oil

The coconut oil contains anti allergic properties.  The patient needs to apply a thin layer of the coconut oil or coconut lotion bars on the affected skins 3 to 4 times a day. This gradually relieves the itching along with the redness of the skin. After that the patient needs to rinse that area with mild soap and lukewarm water. On the other hand the patient can drink coconut water 2 to 3 glasses in the early morning in the empty stomach to get vitamin E that gives benefits from eczema.

2. Tea Tree Oil

The chemical present in the tea tree oil is very effective against bacteria & fungus. The tea tree leaves are ground in liquid form and must be applied to the infected area three to four times a day for optimum results. Moreover one can prepare tiny clay balls by mixing tea tree oil and water and can apply on the affected skin for the overnight to get results.

3. Aloe Vera

The patient needs to clean the surface of the infected areas with clean water first. Some fresh leaves of Aloe Vera plant are to be mixed with garlic to make a liquid extract. Then this extract is to be applied to the infected areas at least two times a day to generate optimum results. Otherwise you can rub Aloe Vera raw leaves and raw garlic to the affected patches directly to reduce the redness & itching.

4. Chamomile

This is a quite powerful anti-inflammatory herb and it is regularly used during the infection and inflammations periods. This is used as tea bags and the bags should be applied on the surface of the patches at least 3 times a day for better results. Moreover the dried chamomile is mixed with boiling water to form a mixture and that can be used on the affected areas with the cotton balls to reduce the redness of the eczema.

5. Turmeric

The medicinal properties of turmeric are quite helpful in dealing with the foreign bodies. The patient should mix fenugreek, black pepper and ginger with turmeric to prepare a mixture. This mixture should be applied on the red patches of the eczema areas with the clean clothes to reduce the itching.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

It should be applied to the red areas in the daytime and the patient should take it with water as it contains 99% of DMSO. Patient can take this with at a ratio of 1:1 ratio to get optimum results. Cotton balls soaked in this vinegar solution are applied to the affected areas at least 3 to 5 times a day to remove eczema from the skin. You can use apple cider vinegar in your food as salads and it also helps to reduce the blood pressure level in the body.