Protein is an important nutrient that helps in repairing the damaged cells of our body. It is required for building various parts of our body like bones, muscles and skin. We need to take enough protein through food sources. Lack of protein in our diet can cause many types of health problems.

It causes wastage of tissues when the present stores of protein are utilized by the body to compensate for the lack of protein. People who do dieting for weight loss suffer from protein deficiency. It affects the brain health and cognitive function of a person in a very bad way. We will discuss the symptoms and signs of protein deficiency. Following are the 11 warning signs of protein deficiency.

11 Warning Signs Of Protein Deficiency:

1. Swollen Limbs

Protein helps in preventing fluid deposition in our body. When our diet lacks protein, water gets collected in tissues especially the limbs. The hands and feet become swollen due to this. Sometimes, it causes swelling in cheeks also. Thus, protein deficiency can cause swelling due to edema.

2. Swollen Eyes

Apart from swollen limbs, protein deficiency causes swellingin eyes also. The plasma protein becomes very less and there is Iron deficiency. It makes the eyes swollen.

3. Intense Craving

Taking less amounts of protein destabilizes the blood sugar levels and this causes an intense craving for unhealthy foods lacking in nutrients. It makes you eat sugary and carbohydrate-containing foods like chocolate and chips. People eat more snacks, candy, sweets and hamburgers due to this. It increases the craving for junk food.

4. Weak Immunity

The immunity becomes very weak when there is protein deficiency. The health of our immune system suffers due to lack of protein. Microorganisms like bacteria and virus can attack the body. It increases the risk of infections. Weak immunity can also cause allergy.

5. Constipation

The problem of constipation may have its root in lack of protein in the diet. Inability and difficulty in passing normal stools may be caused by protein deficiency.

6. Muscle Weakness

Protein deficiency makes the body muscles weak. The muscles damaged after doing hard exercises and workout is not repaired. This leads to muscle weakness. The muscles become very tight and painful. Protein is required for making the synovial fluid in our joints. The fluid protects joints and prevents muscle damage. Lack of protein causes joint pain and stiffness due to this.

7. Skin Problems

Skin problems occur when we don’t take enough protein through foods. It causes skin rashes and sunburn. Dryness of skin increases and it can become flaky. The skin becomes discolored with formation of dark spots. It can cause fungal infection in skin.

8. Lethargy

Lethargy is a very common problem caused by protein deficiency. Lack of protein affects functioning of neurotransmitters and it leads to fatigue, tiredness and low energy. It decreases your level of alertness.

9. Injury

The risk of injury increases due to protein deficiency. Protein is required for the recovery of injured tissues. When there is lack of protein, the body doesn’t heal very fast after becoming injured.

10. Insomnia

Protein deficiency is the main cause of insomnia. You may be unable to sleep well at night. It increases the tendency of sleeplessness and makes you wake up again and again at night.

11. Hair And Nail Problems

Lack of protein in our diet affects the health of hair and nails. The hair becomes damaged and there are split ends. It can cause hair fall. The hair becomes very thin. The deficiency causes nail problems also. The nails become brittle and prone to breaking easily. Ridges can form on the nails.